Society of Automotive Engineers Switzerland

FISITA World Automotive Congress 2010

30.05.2010 bis 4.06.2010 | Budapest, Ungarn

Der FISITA World Automotive Congress 2010 findet vom 30. Mai bis 4. Juni 2010 in Budapest, Ungarn statt.

In 2010 the FISITA Congress will come to Hungary for the first time since 1978. Hungary is a country which can boast an excellent geographical location at the heart of Europe, as well as an outstanding automotive heritage. Great Hungarian innovators include János Csonka (inventor of the carburettor), József Galamb (organiser of mass production of the Ford Model-T); Béla Barényi (conceived idea of active vehicle safety and active safety codes) and Gyula Cser (invented the combined engine-charger system).

Hungary ’s vehicle-manufacturing base is built on strong historical foundations and on the longstanding expertise developed by manufacturers such as Ikarus, Csepel Autó and Rába. Today, the key players in the automotive sector include Audi, General Motors, Suzuki, as well as the traditional Hungarian manufacturer Rába and an expanding global supply base comprising more than 300 companies.

In 2007 Hungary produced more than 291,000 passenger cars and 2,200 commercial vehicles, an increase of 30% on the previous year’s figures. The country is a growing automotive power within Europe and there are outstanding opportunities for joint production with companies in the region, and also many new opportunities in technology and know-how transfer.

Join us in the beautiful city of Budapest for the 33rd FISITA World Automotive Congress and help set the future agenda for Automobiles and Sustainable Mobility.

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